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This is a story about you.

You live alone with your cat and work full-time as a bookkeeper for multiple offices around your city. You make a sizeable income but decided on a modest home in what is usually a quiet suburban area. After a string of neighborhood robberies, you decide to invest in home security. You were reluctant to add the motion sensors to your security package but with how tech-savvy burglars are these days, you were even more reluctant to leave it out. Even if they disabled your alarms, the motion sensors would still send alerts to your phone.

You feel good about your purchase as you closely observe its setup. The maintenance fellow warns you that with the default settings, your cat won't trigger an alarm but she will trigger the motion sensors. That's all right, you say. She sleeps in the bedroom with you at night. If you need to leave her out of the room you'll change the settings. He shows you how to do it; you write it down and lay it on top of your fridge for safekeeping. You have no more questions and he leaves you to the rest of your day.

You invariably go to bed every night at 11 PM. You like your routines. You're a very organized person—it’s necessary to be to keep up with the finances of three different offices. Everything is in its place when you put your laptop to sleep and head through the hallway to your bedroom. You plug your phone into the charger and settle in under your sheets. You feel truly secure for the first time in a while. You drift off easily.

PING. The shrill notification startles you awake. Blurry-eyed, you glance at your phone. A yellow alert is displayed across the screen. MOVEMENT. The blinking white dot is situated in your living room according to the mini map under the text. You sigh and shut off your phone's display. You forgot to change the settings due to the break in your normal routine. If your cat is settling down for the night on the couch then you won't be bothered with more notifications so you leave your volume up. No alarms were blaring from the doors or windows and what's the chance of someone breaking in the exact day you got an alarm system? Statistically improbable. You drift back to sleep.

PING. The notification wakes you again. Your cat is moving around a lot tonight. MOVEMENT, you read, a little annoyed. This time the dot is in the kitchen and you conclude she's probably thirsty. If someone is in your house, they wouldn't have hung around in the living room for an hour just to move to the kitchen. You laugh a little to yourself at the image of a burglar breaking in your house just to nap and get a snack. This time you turn the volume down on your phone, shut the display off, and turn on your side...

...just to... roll over on your cat, who is sleeping beside you. You light up your phone and shine it toward the door. It's closed. You are confused. If your cat has been beside you all night and the door was shut, what—

A notification flashes on the screen. MOVEMENT. Your blood runs cold and your throat is suddenly dry. Breathing is difficult now. The dot has returned to the living room. Someone is in your house. They would have tripped the alarms, right? How could they have gotten in? Did they disconnect your alarm system? You start to dial 9-1-1 when MOVEMENT pops up under your thumb. The dot has moved to the hallway. You realize with a jolt that you don't hear anything moving outside of your door. The wooden floors creak when you walk on them, even lightly. You would hear someone outside of your room. There is no sound.

You are shaking uncontrollably now. You don't know what to make of this. MOVEMENT. Still the hallway but further down, toward your room. You forget about calling the police. You hide under your blankets, covering your head like you did as a child. You remind yourself that nothing can find you under the sheets. Nothing can get you from the covers. There is nothing there if you can't see it.

You grip your phone.


You hear your door knob being turned back and forth- the first thing you've heard all night.


You hear the latch click as your door becomes unlocked—but it only unlocks from the inside so how?—and the rasp as it slowly creeps open.


The dot is in your bedroom now. The door is opened. You still can't make out any footsteps, any breathing other than your own, any noises that would indicate someone or something else in your room. Your breath catches as the message repeats itself on your screen.




Your covers are torn from you and you are hit with the cold air. Your cat has been startled awake and darts from the room. For a brief moment, before your eyes fully adjust from the brightness of your screen to the darkness of your room, you can make out the outline of a face with two gaping holes where the eyes should be, a few inches away from your own. You gasp and your body arches backwards on the bed. When your eyes adjust a second later, you are alone. There is no-one else in the room with you. You take a few breaths to gather yourself before looking at your phone.

The app that reports the motion sensor in the background processes of your phone has crashed. Nothing you do will bring it back up. You’re not sure you want it to. You do not sleep any more that night, and when morning comes you call the security company to remove the sensors.

You will take your chances with the alarms on their own.
I'm not new to deviantart but I am new to this format. Instead of sorting through all the shite that comprised my old account, I made another. Pretty simple stuff. Kind of refreshing.


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